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Robert Moss NM HD 68

new voice for Westside ABQ

Robert Moss lives in the heart of HD 68 on Albuquerque's Westside. He and his wife, Ashlee, moved back to New Mexico after college because they believe in our state. Robert is a business owner, entrepreneur and licensed attorney. Robert Moss is a job creator and motivated to build a New Mexico that supports growth and success that puts an end to the brain drain. He is a fiscal conservative and ready to bring fresh new perspectives to Santa Fe.

Robert Moss for HD 68
Plan for New Mexico

Hold Criminals Accountable & support commonsense policies to end catch and release of violent offenders

Better Roads and Infrastructure to reduce Westside traffic congestion

Build a Jobs Friendly Economy to invite back the many who have left our state for better opportunities

Education turn-around by ensuring that YOUR tax dollars reach the student, not the bureaucracy

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